To all friends of Blessed Chiara Luce Badano

 Acqui Terme 17 aprile 2019

To all friends of Blessed Chiara Luce Badano
With this release we want to make public the official references concerning Blessed Chiara Badano.
The Chiara Badano Foundation and the Actor of the Cause Monsignor Luigi Testore, bishop of the Diocese of Acqui, are the ones who in full unity carry out an active collaboration, for every aspect that concerns the Cause.
The previous Postulation has ended, and we are awaiting a new appointment to continue Chiara’s canonization. Therefore, the names and references of the previous Postulation no longer have authority and charge for anything that concerns Chiara Badano.
If you are aware of a presumed miracle or a grace received, you must send your testimony and any documentation directly to the BISHOP’S CURIA, Piazza Duomo, 9 – 15011 Acqui Terme (AL) – Ph.:  +39.0144.322.078 to the bishop’s attention.
In unison we ask that reference be made to the Foundation for every request, information, and news, and that be used as Chiara’s official website.
We beseech you, friends of Chiara, to spread as much as possible what the website proposes, to allow many people to become close to and inspired by the life of Chiara, as well as be informed about proposals and projects that are gathered here.
The desire is also to clarify and have transparency in all areas, to facilitate an official and authoritative direct reference, also from a legal standpoint. For the use of photos, and Chiara’s material, we expressly ask that you request written authorization from the Foundation. No marketing in Chiara’s name is authorized. Those who collect money for social projects must obtain written consent. Every important request will be made known to the bishop.
Everything the previous Postulation had authorized, now lapses and must obtain new approval.

Through the Foundation’s email: we invite you to send us, as soon as possible, every project and implementation, not yet cataloged, which has arisen around the world in Chiara Luce Badano’s name, so as to include it on the online map within the website, to create an increasingly complete collection. For us it is a source of great joy to see how every year more and more new Life grows around Chiara Luce, bringing fruit everywhere: testimonies and new projects, so we wish to collect it and inform everyone through the website. This work is useful and meaningful also for the purpose of a positive outcome of the canonization path.
We wish to specify that the Chiara Badano Foundation has its registered office in Sassello (SV), and was established, at the express wish of Blessed Chiara “Luce” Badano’s parents, Fausto and Maria Teresa, on 18 February 2011 by deed of Turin Notary Luisa Quaglino Rinaudo. The current President of the Foundation is Chiara Badano’s mother.
The Foundation was established with the aim of preserving and guarding the memory of Blessed Chiara Badano in an authentic, perennial and lively manner, with particular reference to the spirituality of which she was a luminous sign, and with due regard to the ideals and aims pursued by the Work of Mary (Focolare Movement), endorsed by the same Blessed Chiara “Luce” Badano, which inspired her earthly life.
The Chiara Badano Foundation’s primary commitment is and will always be the continuous and direct collaboration with the actor of the Cause, the Diocese of Acqui, as confirmed by this fully shared letter.
We sincerely hope that this press release will be able to clarify and enlighten every reality that concerns Blessed Chiara, putting order in the peculiarities that others in the past have attributed to themselves in a personal and improper way and without being entitled; because Chiara’s style and message can be as clear and true as she was and that the direct link with the Foundation, consisting of witnesses, further promote the spreading of her story and the great spiritual depth that characterized her.
Chiara herself will help us, as she has always done, in this important task.

Il Vescovo di Acqui
Mons. Luigi Testore

La Presidente della Fondazione Chiara Badano
Maria Teresa Caviglia