From the first months after Chiara’s departure, the echo of Chiara Luce Badano’s story began to spread around the world, while her tomb, in the Sassello cemetery, became a destination for countless pilgrimages, for everyone, especially the youth. Because hers is an example that is in some way reproducible, besides being extraordinarily modern: for everyone, especially the youth. They come to Sassello from everywhere (proof of that is the basket always full of letters in her little chapel); and the Focolare Movement Center continues to receive countless testimonies: people who have changed their lives, rediscovered their faith, or received special graces.

Monsignor Livio Maritano, bishop of Acqui Terme and a direct witness to Chiara’s life, took the initiative, and in September 1998 decided to start the Beatification process. This is how he supported his decision:

“It seemed to me that her testimony was significant, especially for young people. We need holiness today too. We need to help the youth find a direction, a purpose, to overcome insecurities and solitude, their enigmas in facing failures, pain, death and all their anxieties”.


Monsignor Livio Maritano

The course of the canonical process was definitely expeditious; also thanks to the great work by the Postulation that organizes the process and incessantly gathers evidence and documents. Started in the diocese of Acqui Terme in 1999, it passed to the Vatican as soon as the following year, and on July 3, 2008, Chiara Badano was declared Venerable.

With the Holy Father’s authorization, the following year the “Congregation for Saints Causes” released the decree regarding the miracle attributed to Chiara Badano’s intercession; the sudden healing of a boy from Trieste who was suffering from a most severe form of fulminating meningitis. The doctors had given him 48 hours to live.

Shortly thereafter, in November 2009, Pope Benedict XVI declared her Blessed.