IMG_0445Chiara Luce Badano’s “extraordinary normality” continues to spread throughout the world today, and with it, new initiatives and testimonies concerning her. For many youth around the world, chiara is a model for inspiration, a point of reference, a sister a confidant with whom to establish an intimate and very personal relationship. .

In the wake of the beatification, Chiara Luce’s life continues to spread like a media tam-tam among youth around the world. Her life consistently inspires articles, television specials, songs and musicals. The world of social media from Facebook to YouTube, from Orkut to Twitter, overflows with news about her; as well as websites and biographies in more than thirty languages (from the most famous to the most particular, from Korean to Croatian, from Norwegian to Turkish, from Urdu to Japanese, and then Armenian, Chinese, Swahili …).

In the meantime, as the canonization process goes forth comes the fulfilment of her parents’ wish to create the “Chiara Badano Foundation”, which is responsible for collecting all the material about her that pours in from around the world (including this official website), safeguarding and disseminating her image.  Not only that: all kinds of structures are constantly dedicated to her: parks, streets and town squares, fountains, oratories, youth centers, shelters…. On december 27, 2010 in Bohicon, Bénin, the first church in the world dedicted to the Blessed Chiara, while in September 2015 the first parish was dedicated to her in the presence of her parents: in a tiny town in the rural heartland of India.

20110819-062There’s more: for over five years now, her parents, accompanied by Chicca and Franz Coriasco (her “agnostic” biographer), continue to travel the world, invited by dioceses, public and private associations, schools, prisons, the most disparaged organizations and events to bring their testimony: to the World Youth Days in Madrid and Rio de Janeiro, in dozens of European nations and around the world. A small “team”, like mom Maria Teresa likes to define it, but supported by a great number of collaborators, like Chiara’s friend Giuliano in Sassello, whose Bar Gina is still today a fundamental point of reference for those who come from all over the world to visit Chiara’s grave. Not to mention the many that follow and coordinate the countless groups of pilgrims that come to Sassello, and the many friends of Chiara who continue to bring their testimony wherever her parents cannot go: it is the tiny “people of Chiara” who, then like today, continues to gather around her.

In short, Chiara’s story continues to fascinate and win the hearts of people everywhere, especially the youth: of all religions and cultures, of every creed, including non-believers. Because that of Chiara Luce is a story that continues, and never ceases to amaze.