Nel mio stare il vostro andare. Vita e pensieri di Chiara «Luce» Badano
(Ed. Città Nuova/ San Paolo,  2019)

In questo libro a parlare è soprattutto lei, la beata Chiara Luce Badano. Sono infatti i suoi scritti e i suoi pensieri a guidare questa breve biografia che sintetizza le tappe salienti del suo percorso umano e spirituale. Sono tutte parole veramente attestate: la Fondazione che porta il suo nome ha voluto raccoglierle in un unico volume, così da mostrare senza troppe mediazioni quale dono sia stata Chiara, per la Chiesa e per tante persone – specie giovani – che in tutto il mondo sono rimaste affascinate dalla sua storia.

In queste pagine rivivono, oltre all’avventura spirituale di questa giovane donna (scomparsa nel 1990 dopo una dolorosa malattia), l’amore dei suoi genitori e di tanti suoi amici coi quali ha condiviso le gioie, le speranze e le sofferenze della sua breve esistenza.

Il risultato è uno sguardo originale, antiretorico, e soprattutto fedele alla verità e alla memoria di una ragazza insieme normale e straordinaria.



Chiara “Luce” Badano raccontata da FRANZ CORIASCO
“Il tempo e l’infinito”
(EmDabliuEm, libro + cd)

Introduzione di Maria Teresa e Ruggero Badano – Letto da Simonetta Solder, Fabrizio Bucci, Gabriella Franchini, Chiara Primavesi, Federica Russo -Musiche: Mite Balduzzi – Emanuele Conte canta “Ho tutto”


“15 days of prayer with Blessed Chiara Badano”
A Journey to grow in Love and Faith
(ed. Gribaudi, 2013)

Blessed Chiara Badano, named Chiara “Luce” by Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement (or Work of Mary), was a young Italian, who died at the age of 18 from aggressive bone cancer. The name was chosen because her life conveyed the message that it is the “light” of God that conquers the world. She was beatified on Sept 25, 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI, who acknowledged her heroic virtues and tireless work for the poor, despite the pain of the disease from which she suffered. Chiara Badano’s feast is celebrated every year on October 29. Translated by Bill Hartnett.

In the fifteen days of prayer contained in this book, the first seven, which describe her human and spiritual journey before the illness, provide a key to her spiritual life. Her faith shines through in days eight through eleven, a clear sign of strength for those who suffer and hope. The final sections, days twelve to fifteen, present another dimension of her spiritual life, the ecclesial and communitarian, which are a necessary corollary of her union with the Crucified-Risen Lord.

“I have come to realize that this very young woman bore witness above all to the beauty of being a disciple of Christ. As such, she kept herself in an attitude of listening, trusting and conforming herself to Jesus the Teacher to the point of becoming similar to him.” From the Introduction



“Chiara Luce – A life lived to the full”
(Ed. Città Nuova, 2006)

An inspiring biography as seen through her writings, her parents’ eyes and her friends.

Chiara Luce, a girl full of vitality, but, suddenly, she fell gravely ill. And, strangely, moment by moment, a new life full of light began to unfold for her. She was eighteen when she died, yet she had lived to the full.

Thanks to a collection of her writings, a biography and a video, and through her friends, the local bishop and the Gen, Chiara Luce’s life continues to inspire people.

Each generation has its stories of heroism and holiness, which then become models for those coming after them. and yet these young people who have gone to the next life were not aloof or idealized; they have not become “icons”, to use the current terminology. They were just going on ahead of the others to another place, where they all eventually hope to meet up again. This is the story of the life of Chiara Luce Badano, a life lived to the full.



“Chiara Badano. A Teen’s Life and Beatification”
(dvd – ed. Città Nuova 2010)

“Won’t I be able to run anymore? Won’t I be able to walk anymore? Won’t I be able to practice sports anymore? All my friends… my tennis… the mountains… the beach… Mom, is it fair to die at 17?”

Filmed on location in Italy, this powerful film tells the story of Blessed Chiara Badano from her childhood to her beatification in 2010. It features interviews with her parents, friends, doctors, and the family of the young man who was miraculously healed through her intercession.

Born in 1971, Chiara was a typical teenager in many ways. Hear, in Chiara’s own words, her excitement about a simple and profound encounter with God at age 9 as well as her continued commitment to sharing her life experiences, including her illness, with her friends.

At 17, a searing pain in her shoulder revealed that Chiara had bone cancer. “The illness arrived just at the right moment because I was going in the wrong direction,” she wrote. Her friends continued to strengthen their unity with her by sharing their daily experiences of living out the Gospel. They note that Chiara didn’t talk much about God. Chiara herself said, “Talking to people about God doesn’t count for much. I have to give God to them.” Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the path of Chiara Badano and the motto she lived during her 3-year-long illness: “It’s for you, Jesus. If you want it, I want it, too.”

“God’s response to the cultural crisis in each generation is to send us Saints. Indeed, the history of the Western World is a history of Saints.  Chiara Luce is God’s response to the cultural crisis of today.  To a postmodern world forgetting reasons for hope, God sends his light through a teenage girl who lost everything and never lost her joy”
Christopher Stefanick – Speaker/Author and Director of Youth, Young Adult and Campus Ministry for the Archdiocese of Denver

“In today’s world that seems so full of darkness comes a beautiful and humble story of a young girl’s light shining brightly into the world.  The simple, yet powerful, life of Chiara Luce shows our young people that Sainthood is within reach…”
Jason Deramo – Middle School & High School Youth Minister In the Archdiocese of Boston & Life Teen Area Contact