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Time Out for Peace

Every day at noon, Chiara Luce would stop for a minute of recollection to ask for peace: and at the same moment others in the world did the same, each in their own place, doing their own work. We had adhered to Chiara Lubich’s (founder of the Focolare Movement) invitation to intensify our strength towards this common goal: peace within each of us, in our families and communities but especially in areas of war.

An invitation addressed to everyone, without distinction of religion, belief, conviction….

For Chiara Luce it was an indispensable daily moment until the last day.

And in these days with her we want to renew that moment. In all places in the world tormented by conflicts, the time-out pushes us to try to ask – connected to each other and with Chiara Luce – for the realization of a dream: PEACE


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