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Youth centers, parks, streets, gyms, newsstands, swimming pools, fountains … places of all kinds are dedicated to ChiaraLuce: the first was the “Chiara Luce Chalet” in Novalesa, Italy. Churches are named after her in Benin, Thailand and Cameroon, and in September 2015, the first parish was inaugurated, in the presence of her parents, in a small town in the rural heart of India.

Check out the online map that shows all that has been created in Chiara Luce Badano’s name in every part of the world. Many “stars” in Chiara’s name that shine around the world.

If you are aware of projects, achievements, and any lasting initiatives that have been carried out in Chiara Badano’s name (they can be churches, streets, gyms, youth centers and so on). In this case, we ask that you send us a brief e-mail with an explanation and three digital photos that make the realization visible.

To report a place named after Chiara, complete the form below and send the photos.

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    "When you want to find me, look at the sky, find me in a small star, because I’ll be there!”

    – Beata Chiara Luce –

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