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Chiara Badano Foundation

The Chiara Badano Foundation Headquarters are located in Sassello (SV), and it was established, by the express will of the parents of Blessed Chiara “Luce”, Fausto Badano and Maria Teresa Caviglia, on February 18, 2011, registered by Notary Luisa Quaglino Rinaudo of Turin.

The Foundation was established with the purpose of preserving and maintaining Blessed Chiara Badano’s memory in an authentic, perennial and lively way, with particular reference to the spirituality of which she was a luminous sign, and with due regard to the ideals and purposes pursued by the Work of Mary (Focolare Movement), made her own by Blessed Chiara “Luce” Badano herself, who inspired her earthly life to those ideals.

Support the Foundation

You can support the Chiara Badano Foundation by donating through PayPal/credid cardSatispay o EFT transfer to:
Banca Intesa San Paolo – IBAN IT79T0306909606100000019687

We want to thank those who in recent years have contributed in various ways to the support of the Foundation. Your contribution is precious in carrying out projects in Blessed Chiara Badano’s name.

Scope of the Foundation

The Foundation pursues the following goals by statute:

  • To promote and spread the knowledge of Blessed Chiara “Luce” Badano’s life and virtues, in unity with the Church.
  • To support the Actor of Blessed Chiara “Luce” Badano’s Canonization Cause until its conclusion.
  • To promote the formation and sharing of the values ​​of fraternity, charity, solidarity and growth in mutual love that are inspired by the Ideal of unity among men and peoples, also by supporting initiatives undertaken nationally and internationally, by movements, especially youth, which are inspired by said ideals.
  • To support initiatives for assistance to the sick and research in the field of oncological and chronic-degenerative pathologies, with particular regard for sick youth and their families.
  • To support the poorest populations, especially in Africa, and those affected by natural disasters or catastrophic events.
  • To support – following the example given with one’s own life and through the spirituality that Blessed Chiara “Luce” made her own, and encourage the natural enthusiasm of young people as well as their own generosity – concrete goals of Christian solidarity.

The Foundation is a private law institution, it is a non-profit and therefore cannot distribute any profits.

The Foundation responds to the principles and legal framework of the Participation Foundation, and finds its organization in the discipline of the Civil Code and related laws on the subject of Foundations.

The Foundation is an autonomous body, governed by its Statute and by the Laws of the Italian Government.

Legacy's Foundation

The legacy of the Foundation consists of:

  • the initial endowment fund;
  • movable and immovable property that arrives or will reach the Foundation for any reason, including those purchased by it according to statutory regulations;
  • donations, contributions, inheritances, grants from natural or legal persons, with the express purpose of increasing the legacy;
  • by the memory of those who knew Blessed Chiara Luce, and her life witness.

Foundation partners

Foundation partners are:

  • PROMOTING FOUNDING MEMBERS: the parents of Chiara Badano, Fausto Badano and Maria Teresa Caviglia.
  • FOUNDING MEMBERS: those who have signed the founding deed of the Foundation (people selected by the Founding Promoters).
  • PARTICIPATING MEMBERS: they are the natural or legal persons, single or associated, public or private, who, sharing the goals of the Foundation, contribute to its life and to the realization of its goals through donations in money or otherwise. You can apply to become a Participating Member by completing the appropriate form. Participants are accepted by resolution of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and must expressly undertake to comply with the rules of the Statute and any regulations.

Bodies of the Foundation

  • The Board of Directors
  • The President and the Vice President
  • The Secretary
  • The Board of Auditors

The atypically “open” formula that was chosen for the Foundation – which is, legally, a participation Foundation – responds to the will of the founders to share as much as possible a wealth of memories, experiences and life, enhancing individual contributions, in unity of the project that the Foundation intends to express.

Address: Via Girolamo Badano 29/2 – 17046 Sassello (SV)
C.F. 92094240097 – IBAN: IT79T0306909606100000019687

Turin, February 18, 2011
Notary office incorporation of the Chiara Badano Foundation

"In my staying is your going”

– Beata Chiara Luce –

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