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Solidarity Award - Chiara "Luce" Badano

Do you like to concretely help others, in your school, group, or workplace?

Do you have a solidarity project that you would like to start?

The Chiara Badano Foundation has launched the Solidarity Award: an annual initiative to promote solidarity projects all over the world. Because every idea is a responsibility.

From a very early age, Chiara showed a true passion for the neediest, the weakest, the most marginalized in society, the elderly and children in particular.

The award will identify an innovative project on specific issues of social importance with the aim of disseminating its contents to make it a common heritage.

The aim is to support the project through an economic contribution, to encourage it through effective communication and to open it up to new forms of support.


Even informal organizations and groups consisting of mostly young people can apply for the “SOLIDARYITY” award, provided they do so with a project that promotes and supports the culture and practice of solidarity in the social, health and environmental fields.

We kindly request that all participating groups complete:

The registration form, along with a detailed description of the project and the presentation video, which must be received no later than 20 February 2024, 12 noon CET.

Discover the winners of Award Solidarity

Winner of Award Solidarity 2022/2023

"Manos a la Obra" Project

University Pastoral Ministry of Rosario

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"D'ora in poi ci penseremo noi a loro"

– Beata Chiara Luce –

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