A radiant life

To all friends of Blessed Chiara Luce Badano

With this release we want to make public the official references concerning Blessed Chiara Badano.

The Chiara Badano Foundation and the Actor of the Cause Monsignor Luigi Testore, bishop of the Diocese of Acqui, are the ones who in full unity carry out an active collaboration, for every aspect that concerns the Cause.

The previous Postulation has ended, and we are awaiting a new appointment to continue Chiara’s canonization. Therefore, the names and references of the previous Postulation no longer have authority and charge for anything that concerns Chiara Badano.



We want to create a map that reports everything that has been created in Chiara Luce Badano’s name in every part of the world, and make it available to everyone as soon as possible


Answers to frequently asked questions
Obviously you can do this yourself at any time (remember that winter weather conditions are not always optimal). Especially in the case of groups and parties is advisable to use the appropriate form on this site, specifying the period chosen, the number and types of people expected, and mode of arrival and stay. This is so that those who wish may have, through the Foundation and the Sassello parish, not only a fitting welcome, but also the opportunity to meet witnesses related to Chiara and her experience, but also receive useful logistical information (meals, overnight accommodation, directions to the symbolic places of Chiara’s life). For those who wish to attend a Holy Mass in the Chiara’s parish (Church of the “Holy Trinity”) all information can be found at www.parrocchiasassello.it.
We never asked for a financial contribution to manage the reception of groups welcomed by witnesses, but now in accordance with Bishop and the Sassello parish priest, we ask that each group provide a contribution to cover the costs of transportation that witnesses will have to face to reach Sassello. Any surplus, according to Bishop and the Sassello parish priest, will be saved in a Fund to be used for the construction of a permanent multimedia exhibition that will be realized in Sassello. Of course, all this will be ascertained with complete transparency in the Foundation’ budget.
The best way is to use the website contact page. We assure them that everything will be forwarded completely and in a strictly confidential manner. Obviously, given the large number of letters and e-mails they receive, they will not always be able to respond, but rest assured that every individual’s intentions, as well as any prayer request, will find a place in their hearts as in Chiara’s.
One must remember that Chiara’s bedroom is not a museum, but it is still part of her parents’ private residence. Therefore, anyone who wishes to visit must send an e-mail request (fondazione@chiarabadano.org), taking into account that given the enormous amount of requests it is unfortunately physically impossible to fulfill them all. The Foundation will, however, at the most opportune times and in accordance with Chiara’s parents, arrange a visit. The house is still open to all those who wish to visit on the official anniversary (October 7th and 29th of every year).
First, it is important to point out that the Church considers “relics” exclusively parts of the body (or sacred objects that have come in direct contact with it); in any case, It prohibits any form of commercialization; any other material cannot be object of devotion. That said, we would like to add that each story of holiness is unique, and as such it is always characterized by its own distinctive style, and characterized by its own specific form of expression. Anyone who knew Chiara knows how much her way of being was far from these types of devotional practices, especially regarding her persona. In this sense, those who really want to be close to her know that, in our opinion, they do not need any object to deepen their relationship with her: except for prayer, the intimate language of the heart, and above all, sharing the same ideals of life. The same ethical principle inspired her parents the firm decision not to allow any form of marketing that uses the name or image of Chiara for profit. Similarly, her parents recommend, during visits to the family chapel where Chiara rests, as was her wish, to respect the decorum and not fill it with unnecessary objects, but donating the equivalent to any kind of charity work.
Chiara’s parents and the Foundation have no role in this regard, and therefore cannot take part in anything related to the ongoing Canonization process. Any testimony and related documentation must be sent: CURIA VESCOVILE, Piazza Duomo, 9 – 15011 Acqui Terme (AL) – telefono +39.0144.322.078.
On this site, you can download Chiara’s official photo, the little picture with Chiara’s prayer, and the brochure. For other inquiries, please contact the Foundation via e-mail. (If deemed useful, you can also contact the Foundation’s graphic artist to create flyers or other graphic works endorsed by the registered trademark of the Foundation). The Foundation will verify each request with the Actor of the Cause.
At this time, the Foundation is working on the creation of a permanent Chiara Badano museum exhibition to be realized in Sassello. It is already in the advanced stages and will become one of the privileged opportunities to raise awareness of Chiara to anyone who wants to get to know her. One may request that the contents and organization of this multimedia exhibition of Chiara Badano be reproduced abroad in abbreviated format. We ask that all requests be sent to the Foundation, which will provide information and support the implementation.
Since she was a little girl, Chiara Luce Badano made her own every aspect of the spirituality of Chiara Lubich, as well as the values and the spirituality of the Focolare Movement, which she founded in 1943. To learn more you can access the sites: www.centrochiaralubich.org or www.focolare.org.
For the experience gained over the years all over the world, we suggest that the presence of one or more direct witnesses of her life be included in the event program (requests may be sent directly to the Foundation’s e-mail address fondazione@chiarabadano.org). A few days before her death Chiara Luce said: “Mom, after I have left for Heaven, you will write the experience that we have lived and you will present it to others.” Witnesses are available in this sense – only if invited, as suggested at the time by the promoter of the Cause, Msgr. Maritano – for this type of participation, respecting Chiara’s wish in pure spirit of service. It is the responsibility of the Foundation to update the Petitioner of the Cause on the scheduled events.
First, it is essential to state clearly that it is a work ‘FREELY INSPIRED BY’ Chiara Luce Badano’s story. It is also imperative that you not involve real people (as characters in a scene or quotes) – whether they are the parents or friends – unless previously consulted. In general, it would be preferable – rather than telling the story and the events of Chiara’s life (it is better for the direct witnesses to do so), that you express the effects of Chiara’s life on the existential choices of those who decided to take it as a model today.  This way, the narrative appears authentic and legitimate, and not just merely reporting facts. We think this is also the best way to emphasize that Chiara is more alive than ever today and she continues to inspire the lives of many. This seems like Chiara’ “style”, to “take the torch and continue to run”….
Anyone can contribute to the Foundation through its Chiara Badano account (IBAN IT26 X033 5901 6001 0000 0019 687 – BIC: BCITITMX – Banca Prossima SPA- via G. Badano 29/2 17046 Sassello SV). To offer assistance or collaboration, one must signe up by submitting the appropriate form, thus becoming a Participating Member of the Foundation as “Chiara’s Friend”.
At the  moment, the Foundation is working on the creation of a permanent Chiara Badano museum exhibition to be realized in Sassello.  It is already in the advanced stages and will become one of the privileged opportunities to raise awareness of Chiara to anyone who wants to get to know her.