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Video “A story of light” produced by Chiara Badano Foundation

“Chiara Badano. A story of light”. Video presented  at the WYD in Lisbon 2023.


The video “A story of light” is the story of Chiara Badano, created by her friends and direct witnesses, in which space is left above all to her who, with her writings and words, accompanies us in a short profile of her life. With the interview Maria Teresa and Ruggero Badano. Narrator by Francesca Fialdini on a project by Gianni Gerbotto for the Chiara Badano Foundation; edited by Chicca Coriasco and Cristina Cuneo, screenplay and lyrics by Franz Coriasco; editing Giulio Mainenti, original music Enrico Sabena. Directed by Marco Aleotti.


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