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On June 27, 2017, Maria Teresa e Ruggero Badano to speak via Skype Washington

On June 27, 2017, Maria Teresa e Ruggero Badano to speak via Skype Washington

On June 27, 2017, Maria Teresa e Ruggero Badano had the opportunity to speak via Skype with the participants of the Mariapolis (annual gathering of the Focolare Movement) of the  D.C. region.  It was a special way to end the four-day gathering titled “Bridging the gap – a key to unity”, through love for Jesus Forsaken, who Chiara Luce loved so much. Who better than her to help us understand how to love Him in our everyday lives?

The atmosphere was joyful and sacred at the same time. Answers to the simple, yet significant, questions that had been raised by the participants resounded like water in the desert, especially for families: \”We cannot tell you what to do; we can only share how we lived with Chiara and what helped us. The only way to raise children is to look at the Only Teacher … Jesus”. Maria Teresa also talked about the story of the pebbles, which particularly struck parents.



Here are some impressions:

–       The connection with Maria Teresa was a shot of energy and life for the Mariapolis, from the very first moments.   She was so joyful, so generous, so giving; showed us how to live in the Mariapolis.  If we too seemed radiant to her, I think there really was Jesus in our midst”.


–       I am a pediatrician and worked at Sloan Kettering, a cancer hospital, while I was in training. Heroic children and moms at the side of the bed holding their rosaries as their children slipped away was not an uncommon sight. It was such a strong time of faith for those families. My mother had her cancer surgery at Sloan Kettering when I was seven so I remember that as well.


–       I guess it was Chiara Luce\’s YES that was so precious for me that she could find the plan of God in all the suffering – to fail in school, to get sick, to lose the use of her legs, to be in pain, and to be bedridden. Then to have parents, who wanted her and loved her so much. Then to know that it was their task to help her get to Heaven and do it so well.  I am sure that the parents have been right at the foot of the cross and that they still miss her. She was their only child. It was beautiful that Chiara and the Gen accompanied them and that the Movement still does. So Chiara\’s mom, Maria Teresa, and Dad are beautiful witnesses and role models for all of us on how to love concretely and I am glad that we could be with Maria Teresa again.


–       The Skype/audio meeting with Chiara Luce\’s mother was beautiful. It surely was blessing for all of us that we were able to hear about Chiara Luce vividly by her mother. One of the moms from the Korean Parish shared that she recalled what Chiara Luce told her mother and was able to start again when she failed to love and be united with her husband after he made a mistake.

Thank You!


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