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Greetings from Kerala. INDIA

The month of October is very important for us as we celebrate the feast of our inspiration blessed Chiara Luce Ba\"Microsoftdano. As the people of Kerala slowly come back from the rain related calamities , We will celebrate the feast of Chiara Luce in solidarity with the victims of the flood . This year we will not have a big celebration but we will celebrate it locally in each district in a simple way .


10th : Home visit in the flood affected areas of Wayanad led by Sr Kusumam and Jose
11th : Share and Care program for the victims of the flood led by Kannur and Wayanad Focolare team
13th October : Feast celebration of Chiara Luce at Chiara Luce Centre Iritty at 10 am Coordinated by Mrs Jain Joseph .
13th October : A Seminar on \” the Spirituality of Unity \” at Pariayaram .
Participants will be UMI Sisters .
18 th October : Remembering Chiara Luce in Kozhikode .
27 th October : Feast celebration of Chiara Luce in Trivandrum.



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