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The “Chiara Luce Badano SOLIDARITY Award” is established in 2022 and is held annually. Organizations and groups, including informal ones, consisting mostly of young people, can join the Award with a project that promotes and supports the culture and practice of solidarity in the social, health and environmental fields.

From a very early age, Chiara Badano showed a true passion for the neediest, the weakest, the most marginalized in society, the elderly and children in particular.

For this reason, the Chiara Badano Foundation has decided to establish the “Chiara Luce Badano Solidarity Award”, in accordance with the statutory mandate which supports and encourages projects for the promotion of positive actions aimed at vulnerable groups of the population (elderly, people with disabilities, immigrants …) and actions aimed at combating exploitation and violence against women and children, new forms of poverty and for the protection of the planet.

The award will each year identify an innovative project on specific issues of social importance, with the aim of disseminating its contents to make it a common heritage. The objective will be to support the project through an economic contribution, to encourage it through effective communication and to open it up to new forms of support. The award will be given to social actions that promote, disseminate and support various solidarity projects around the world.

The registration form, including the project description and the presentation video, must be sent in by January 20, 2024, at 12 PM CET. 

For any additional information: CLICCA QUI


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